Overview of Services. Proclaim VoIP shall provide and or perform professional Hosted Voice over IP Services to the Customers branch locations.

Specific Services. Proclaim VoIP will be responsible for providing a technology solution to implement a fully functional telecommunications system utilizing VoIP that attempts to meet the needs of the Customer. The main hardware/software environment will be hosted at Proclaim VoIP’s facilities with some customer owned gateway equipment at the Customer’s facilities as necessary. Proclaim VoIP will furnish all labor, services, and agreed upon handsets necessary for the timely and proper completion of the hosted VoIP Telecommunications System project.

Implementation – Proclaim VoIP will perform implementation during the hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST Monday through Friday. Proclaim VoIP will, at all times, furnish sufficient skilled workers and listed materials in Exhibit A to perform all work. All handsets provided will be new, free from all defects, fit for the purpose for which they are intended, and merchantable.

Training – Proclaim VoIP will provide training to ensure a transfer of knowledge sufficient enough to prepare staff for the new system. Training will be customized by organizational role including system administrators and general users. After the initial onsite training session during implementation, customers may also open a support ticket to schedule remote training as needed.

Support – Proclaim VoIP will provide post-implementation support including the maintenance of a customer support procedure to be used to address all system problems and user questions. Support will be provided via phone, support portal and email to address all issues reported by the customer. Live support is available from 9:00 AM to 6 PM CST and emergency live support is available 24 hours per day. Proclaim VoIP will provide ongoing system maintenance and support including periodic upgrades and enhancements. Said upgrades and enhancements will be performed from 9 PM to 6 AM CST Monday through Sunday. Maintenance will be performed and completed at one data center before beginning maintenance at the next data center. This method prevents downtime as calls are transferred to operational cloud clusters before maintenance at a different cluster. Specifics of the support provided by Proclaim VoIP are fully detailed in Support Terms.

Official Channels of contact:

              Toll Free: 1(866)716-8332

              Local: 1(251)662-9620

              Email: You will be sent an email with relevent email addresses for service

              In-network Dial: 777




Phone Connectivity – All telephone sets will use existing CAT5/6 LAN wiring. All Routers, Switches, Firewalls, and Internet Connectivity will be provided and maintained by the Customer. Any issues with wiring, routers, switches, firewalls, latency and/or broadband must be addressed and corrected solely by Customer. Customer must ensure that Proclaim VoIP has all necessary wiring and networking equipment to properly deploy VoIP service.

Customer Requirements – Customer must provide Proclaim VoIP with the following information before implementation can begin:

1 – Site Name

2 – Switch, Router and Firewall inventory to include Brand, Model Number and Serial Number.

3 – Internet Provider and the Upload and Download speed as tested with the date and time of the test and website used for testing.

4 – Ensure that QoS, VLAN’s, packet tagging and priority routing are active.

The following contacts must be provided to Proclaim VoIP by the Customer:

              1 – Implementation Primary Contact

              2 – Technical Support Primary Contact

              3 – Billing Contact

              When including the above contact information, please include first and last name, phone number, extension, email and title.

Timeliness of Responses – Customer must provide timely responses to Proclaim VoIP Project Manager and Engineer Lead during implementation. Failure to respond timely or completely can result in delays in implementation steps or scheduled completion dates. Some of the steps of implementation may require responses to be sent by email for archival purposes. Also be aware that all calls to Proclaim VoIP are recorded to ensure accuracy of services.