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In todays business environment, call center solutions need to be flexible and feature rich. With Proclaim's call center solution, you have complete flexibility over function and use. We understand that no two business environments will be exactly alike, so we have made sure that customization is at the core of our solution:

In today's business world flexibility is important. Some companies need their call center agents onsite with handsets. Other companies may operate on the mobile worker model, with call center agents working from home. However your model is scaled for your company, know that Proclaim VoIP's platform is a perfect fit. A virtual handset through a browser or using our android and Iphone app are just as easy as siting in front of a physical phone and computer.

We offer a fully customizable white board that is populated with the statistics that are important to you. Our online agent dashboard also gives insight into the success of call handling. This can be used by a supervisor in connection with listen, whisper, and barge on live calls. Our supervisor dashboard has numerous customizable reports that can be ran or auto delivered at intervals.

Call Center is so often an afterthought and added in through a 3rd party integration. That is not the case with Proclaim VoIP's Call Center solution. Our Call Center is developed seamlessly as one of the core components of our platform. Agents and call queues can be added onto an account though our billing department, and stood up in minutes. Our competitors have to stand up a different instance of a cloud pbx if call center is needed. With us it is neither laborious or time consuming.

This is an important feature of call center for many reasons. Recorded calls can be reviewed for agent coaching at a later time. Having call documentation may be a regulatory requirement if you are in the financial advisor industry. Call recordings are easily configurable to record all agents, specific agents, inbound only, outbound only, and even on demand recording for municipalities and schools. Files can be played back in the browser, offloaded to cold storage, or downloaded for local archiving.

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