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Many Business Start as a Small Business

The statistics don't lie and there are more small businesses than any other type of business in the US. Does your company make less than $7 million in sales and have fewer then 500 employees? Well guess what, you are considered a small business. Anyone who is a small business owner understands and therefore appreciates the challenges that face a business in staying competitive. Let's face it, being able to communicate with your customer will always be important. At Proclaim VoIP, we believe that business telephone service should be reliable, competitive, and affordable, all at the same time. Below, we have listed some points to consider when choosing business VoIP telephone service.

Let's start this conversation off with Triple Geo-Redundancy. Yes, that is correct, Proclaim has 3 data locations across the US that house mirrored cloud PBX's of our customer's configuration and help balance a multi-line business phone service in your area. If there is internet congestion, hardware failure, or simple maintenance at a site, there are still 2 locations active to handle call activity for all of our customers. Triple Geo-Redundancy is included with every account, and doesn't cost extra. Our platform includes custom programming for Voice Over IP service, hence it is always available. We know our customers can't afford to be down or lose calls. We continue to engineer our network to exceed  reliability benchmarks.

Everyone expects to have the traditional features like caller ID, multiple line, call park, and voicemail. New features that are becoming more in demand is follow me, intelligent auto attendant, time-based call flow, real time fail-over rules, mobile worker, and contact center. We have all of these features and more! Our cloud platform is constantly updating to include the latest features, so that your business can benefit from them without hardware change-out. Proclaim Cloud Hosted PBX stands above on-premise PBX in the fact that our features are not static but constantly evolving and improving.

We don't repackage or white label our business VoIP phone service. We own the equipment and manage our telephone network which allows us to competitively price. There are no middlemen to pay, therefore we pass those savings directly to you. We can save customers thousands annually over their previous provider! You heard that correctly, our savings can add up to thousands off your business telecom bill annually, especially with a multi-line business phone service. We are asked regularly how we can save our customers so much money and the answer is simple. For years, the big telecom giants have had a monopoly on most business VoIP phone service suppliers and, as a result, were able to charge over-inflated prices. With the advent of the internet and voice over IP calls, all that changed. Let us provide you a no obligation quote that will make you a believer!

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