Options for Financing Digital Phone Service

Features of Our Finance Options

We have a wide spectrum of finance options which cover as little or as much as you need financed. For example, our finance options could cover the purchase of 4 SIP Phones for a Small Business or as many as 2,000 phones for a Municipality. With the flexibility of a Lease Purchase option, you can own your equipment at the end of the lease term. Don't let limited cash prevent you from saving up to 80% on your communication expenses, our low-cost VoIP services can’t be beat. Call us today to see what your monthly payment would be—and learn how easy approval is! You don’t have to worry about financing digital phone service and other IT services with Proclaim VoIP, we help you finance fast. Normally we can get a loan approved same day!*

Contact Proclaim VoIP for more information about our options for financing digital phone service. Our telephone equipment is made with the best quality parts and assembly. Proclaim VoIP is the leader of all things VoIP services in your area, and we can help you get your work done faster, and more efficiently while at the same time offering low cost VoIP. Reach out to our knowledgeable, USA-based customer service representatives to find out more information about our services. Call today!

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*Subject to loan approval and terms of lender. Businesses with limited or adverse credit history may require additional steps to secure loan. Loan only valid for purchases using Proclaim Voip's specified Hardware Partner for all hardware and for installation if included in loan. Loan requirements may change without notice.