Clearest VoIP

Call Platform

With Cutting Edge Servers and Switches
We Have The Best VoIP Experience Anywhere

With Millions of Dollars in Equipment Upgrades, Our Platform Powers the Communications of Business and Enterprise Across the Country. As Technology Advances at a Rapid Pace, We Continue to Upgrade Our Infrastructure to Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve.

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VoIP that Grows with

Your New Business

Hosted Cloud VoIP Controls Expenses While Allowing for Growth When Your Growing Business Needs It. Telecom Built for You.

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Fiber Connected

High Speed Network

Our VoIP Platform has Direct Fiber Access to Multiple
Tier 1 Internet Providers to Fully Support IP Calling.

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Your VoIP Phone Provider

Proclaim VoIP specializes in providing cloud-based solutions for your Voice Over IP Service.

Customer Service

supported by professionals
DailyProclaim VoIP is available by phone Monday–Saturday and Support Trouble Tickets are available 7 days a week.

Hosted PBX in the

Cloud Having Dependable Unified Communications that Doesn't Cost a Fortune is Easier Than You Think. Transitioning to Our Cloud Hosted PBX Will Equal Hugh Savings for Your Business or Enterprise.

Any Size

Fits Us No Minimum or Max Order We Are the VoIP Phone Provider That is Here for The New Business Startup, The Enterprise with 5,000 Extensions and Even The Government Entity. We are Flexible, Expandable and Here for Your Success.

Cloud Hosted PBX Improves Telecom

Technology is Rapidly Advancing the Capabilities of Unified Communications at an Ever Increasing Pace.

There was once a time when a company could purchase an On Premise PBX and the features it offered would be relevant for years to come. As Unified Communications are evolving at a record pace, PBX equipment is becoming obsolete before the ROI (Return on Investment) of the purchase is achieved. On Premise PBX is very hardware dependent and license driven. There are expensive charges involved for new features when and if they finally become available. Those features oftentimes require a new firmware or OS update which also has charges associated with it.

So, what is the solution to avoid these On Premise PBX pitfalls? That's easy, the solution is Cloud Hosted PBX from Proclaim VoIP, your VoIP Phone Provider. Cloud Hosted PBX is software based and hosted and maintained on our platform at our Data Centers. We add and improve Voice Over IP service features on our Cloud Hosted Platform regularly and those features are available immediately for our Hosted PBX customers. There is no hardware for our customer to buy, and no license or firmware to purchase. Additionally, all firmware updates are applied across the platform seamlessly without interrupting service for our users.

Cloud Hosted PBX also has enhanced features like Call Recording. You can have specific SIP Trunks or Extensions set up to record inbound and outbound calls. These call recordings are stored in the Cloud and can easily be accessed and downloaded via the customer portal. There truly is no downside to having Cloud Hosted PBX, only a long list of benefits. Contact your VoIP phone provider today at (866) 716-8332.

These Features are Must Haves with Proclaim VoIP

  • All Services We Offer are Cloud Based
    Cloud Based requires Geo-Redundant Platform Locations that Synchronize with Each Other to Ensure Network Uptime and Optimal Speed for your Voice Over IP Service. This Creates the Always Available Cloud Environment.
  • Disaster Recovery for Added Protection
    Storms, Power Failure, Fire, and Theft are No Longer Concerns for Loss of Communications from this VoIP Phone Provider. Our Platform includes Failover Rules to Reroute Calls in Case of Emergency and therefore Minimize Downtime.
  • Dedicated Private Internet Access for VoIP
    Add an Additional Layer of Security and Stability to Your Communications by Adding Dedicated Private Internet Access. We Offer This Feature Upgrade Nationwide for Business Customers who select Proclaim VoIP as their VoIP Phone Provider.

*Price can vary depending on features and upgrade enhancements. Additional restrictions and acceptable use policy apply. E911 is only available in areas where emergency services support feature.
**Packages with up to 1,000 pages per month available at an additional cost. Additional restrictions apply.