Proclaim VoIP is the best Telecom 7 years in a row

With 99.999% uptime, the best prices, the most technologically advanced features, and US based tech support, we are the best telecom provider. Get a no obligation quote today.

Desk Phones

Our platform is compatible with all major brands of phones. We even have the capability to integrade with older On-Premise systems. A free phone system is also an option.

Web Calling

The Proclaim platform has full browser based integration for web calling. Our browser based calling utilizes WebRTC so no software installation is necessary.

Mobile App

The Proclaim Mobile app has all the functionality of an office phone. We developted versions for Android and Apple, and background push notificaition.

E-Fax Solution

We can address faxing needs for analog fax, fax to email, and web to fax. Our fax platform is true fax over internet, with encryption for healthcare applications.

Services to meet every business need

Proclaim VoIP is your one stop for Business Phones

If you have a basic business phone installation, or have a unique installation, out platform can accommodate you. Our technical staff can review your requirements, and suggest the best, most cost efficient solution. Design and implementation is created around each customers needs.

why choose Proclaim VoIP

Our vast experience & Advanced platform

A platform built with redundancy, stability and advanced features. We have government customers, and every other business vertical using our platform because of customization.

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Business Customers

Our customer service department and tech support is US based

When you call, you are talking to staff

Our Core Packages

We provide Packages for Every need

We can customize packages and create pricing options to meet your business needs.

package 1


Starter package that includes 50 features, voicemail to email, browser calling, desk phone or mobile app.

(Pricing for 25+ extensions)

package 2


Intermediate package that includes everything from the starter package, plus: call recording, voicemail transcription, sms, and advanced alerts.

(Price for 25+ extensions)

package 3


Advanced Call Center/ Contact Center Package that includes all features from the starter package and intermediate package plus: Call Center Agent features, Supervisor features, call statistics, and advanced routing capabilities.

(Pricing for 25+ extensions)

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