Cloud Hosted PBX with Multi Site Integration

Affordable Cloud Hosted PBX

Cloud Hosted PBX is shaking up the On-Premise PBX arena. It provides a definitive replacement solution. Here are some of the stand-out reasons to embrace a Virtual PBX:

There are big problems businesses face with on-premise PBX. First, a significant problem is maintaining equipment and eventually replacing outdated devices. Cloud Hosted PBX is the perfect solution to having an on-premise PBX. A virtual PBX gets updates and maintenance seamlessly in the cloud. This keeps productivity on track and hence employee moral high. With this hosted PBX solution, there is no risk of fire, theft, electrical surge damage, or vandalism. We monitor what new hosted VoIP PBX features become relevant for businesses, then easily integrate these features into our Cloud Hosted PBX platform. This prevents our Cloud Hosted PBX from becoming irrelevant and, as a result, obsolete.

Another feature of Cloud Hosted PBX is its versatility. With our platform, you are able to create and remove extensions in real time. We are also able to add additional lines and create burstable thresholds for lines. Managing the entire Virtual business VoIP service, such as PBX, occurs through a web portal that is accessible from anywhere. Even tasks like reprogramming buttons on a handset easily occur through the portal. The portal is very user-friendly and help in navigating it is just a phone call away!

A Virtual PBX is Ready for Emergencies

Since hosted VoIP PBX is residing in the Cloud, Disaster Recovery is a breeze. From the Web Portal, call rerouting occurs immediately based on a time profile. Structured routing occurs using profile rules setup for conditions. Automatic rerouting occurs if the handsets cannot register due to a lost internet connection. If a customer has a second internet provider available, we program our gateway to use both for redundancy.

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