Selecting a telecommunication platform for your small business communication solutions should be a deliberate, intentional, and well-thought out process. Whatever telecommunications system you end up choosing will dictate how effectively you can communicate internally with your employees as well as externally with your clients. Considering effective communication is key to the success of any business, it is essential that the telecommunications system you choose should enhance, rather than hinder, the communication goals for your business.

The first decision to be made when choosing a telecommunication platform is whether it should be traditional (on-premise) or cloud-based (VoIP). The advantages of VoIP prove that, without a doubt, a cloud-based telecommunications system is vastly superior to its traditional counterpart.

Here are just some of the reasons why you would choose a cloud-based telecommunications system over a traditional system for your business needs:

Having settled on choosing VoIP for your small business communication solution, the next decision to be made is which provider to use. One of the advantages of VoIP is there are many VoIP providers who offer a variety of cloud-based services and have varied business models. With that said, it is important that your telecommunications systems provider of choice aligns with your unique business needs and operations. Asking the right questions will help you determine which VoIP provider is best suited for your business. Discussed below are even more advantages of VoIP along with some of the questions you may want to ask before deciding on a provider.

What You Should Know Before Choosing A Telecommunications Provider

Some of the questions that you should have answers to before choosing a telecommunications platform for your business include:

Why You Should Choose Proclaim VoIP For Your Business Needs

At Proclaim VoIP, we fully own and manage our platform; we do not outsource any of our infrastructure to any other third-party. This allows us to control our platform and offer the best possible services at very inexpensive and affordable rates. When you choose Proclaim VoIP for your business, some of the advantages of VoIP include:

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