Bring Your own devices

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BYOD = Bring Your Own Devices

People are comfortable with their own phones. They know how to use them, and they like using them. Being able to connect them to their employer’s custom phone system makes them all the more useful. Proclaim VoIP provides a small business VoIP service with a level of flexibility that lets employees connect with many different devices and voice software solutions.

When it comes to voice communication, one size does not fit all. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach lets employees choose their own style while saving the company money. Since employees are familiar with their own phones, they’re more confident and productive. From the company’s standpoint, adopting a custom VoIP exchange is easier if it doesn’t mean needing to order new phones for everyone and then waiting patiently as the learning curve kicks in.

The Benefits of BYOD for Small Business VoIP Service

Bringing your own device reduces capital costs. A custom phone system that supports user-owned devices reduces the need to buy or lease phones. As a result, upkeep costs are lower too.

Additionally, many employees find it inconvenient to be tied to their desks for phone calls—even if it’s a traditional “desk job.” In today’s technology-driven society, your employees are used to making and receiving calls wherever they are. Letting them use their smartphones in the custom office VoIP system means they don’t have to give up that freedom.

Getting new, full-featured IP phones onto every desk may sound great, and sometimes it’s the right solution, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Letting people use their own phones reduces training costs and gets them up to speed quicker, saving you time and money. They have more software options and can choose whether simplicity or power is more important.

3 Great Reasons to Choose Proclaim VoIP’s Custom VoIP Solutions
  1. Freedom. Small business VoIP services from Proclaim VoIP give your company the freedom to set up a custom phone system with the equipment of your choice. You can use SIP handsets from all manufacturers, legacy phones with ATAs, our mobile app from a smartphone, or our WebRTC browser softphone from a desktop computer. Our platform is certified compatible with Astra, Audio Codes, Cisco, ESI, Grandstream, Htek, LG-Ericsson, Linksys, Mediatrix, Mitel, Panasonic, Polycom, Quintum, Readynet, Sipura, Snom, Vtech, and Yealink.
  2. Dependability. Uptime and stability are important to a business’s phone exchange, and Proclaim delivers. Geo-redundancy—servers in widely separated locations—means there’s no single point of failure. If there’s an outage at one or even two locations, the service will keep running.
  3. Comfortability. Everything is in-house. We run our own custom VoIP phone systems, with no outsourcing or reselling of services. And our tech support is based in the USA!
Custom VoIP Solutions: Services and Features

Proclaim VoIP lets you choose the small business VoIP service plan that works best for you. Available VoIP services include custom installation, support for on-premise PBX, a call center solution, multiple Internet connection types (including Bring Your Own Broadband), and more. We also have metered and unmetered plans available.

The features of our VoIP network give it all the flexibility and reliability you could ask for. A cloud-based web portal lets you manage all aspects of your phone system from anywhere. You can add or remove extensions, reprogram handsets, and authorize users all from the comfort of your own computer. Virtual extensions let you forward calls to outside phones. You can also move your existing local and toll-free numbers to the VoIP system. With Proclaim VoIP’s custom VoIP solutions, you don’t have to choose between value and flexibility—you get both!

If you already have an investment in phone equipment, let us know and we can work with you. There’s no need to throw it all out when you use our cloud VoIP service. We’re here to help you save your hard-earned money, not cost you more of it!

Choose Proclaim VoIP’s Custom VoIP Solutions and Save

You’ll find our VoIP prices very attractive. Between low monthly bills and the savings from device flexibility, you’ll have a custom VoIP system for your business that’s inexpensive, reliable, and flexible.

Send us a message to request a quote or to ask about the customization options we offer.

Or, give us a call at (866) 716-8332 and speak to a small business VoIP expert now. We feel confident you’ll like what you hear.