Supported PBX Systems for SIP Trunks

Our Platform Excels with Supported PBX

We are compatible with multiple One Premise PBX systems across a wide catalog of Brands. For older PBX units that do not support SIP trunks, we can configure a special adapter for the system to make it a Supported PBX. This adapter will convert the SIP Trunks to whatever connection your older PBX uses so that you can benefit from VoIP. This is done while saving the expense of replacing your entire On Premise PBX unit.

For newer Supported PBX units, our technical support department can provision SIP trunking easily. We are able to work with your existing PBX support company to integrate VoIP into your telecom resources. Newer systems can be upgraded to support multi-site locations. We can increase company efficiency and savings through shared SIP trunks if supported. This can reduce telecom expense and increase a burstable pool of SIP lines. All of this can be accomplished without the an expensive investment. This also allows the use of unlimited long distance included with our Enhanced SIP Trunks.

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