Residential VoIP

With the increase of cell phone use and the expense of residential landlines, home phone have become scarce. Now that more people have high speed internet at home, having an inexpensive home phone is possible. Using Residential VoIP allows home telephone service which includes these features:

  • Consistently Send & Receive Calls
  • Cell phones are great until you get home and your cell signal drops. With Residential VoIP the service uses your high speed internet connection to provide service. This provides a clear, dependable call quality that works throughout your house.

  • Integrated Voicemail
  • Gone are the days of needing an answering machine on your home telephone. With our Hosted Residential VoIP service, you have built-in voicemail that can easily be accessed remotely. The voicemail can be configured for do not disturb time frames to intercept calls when you are sleeping.

  • Follow Me Service
  • Our Residential VoIP service can be configured to delay ring or simulaneously ring your cell phone and home phone. With this service it will only be necessary to give out one number and still be reachable no matter where you are.

  • Access to E911 Service
  • This is an important but often overlooked benefit of home phone service. Hosted Residential VoIP with us includes E911 which forwards your name and address when 911 is called in an emergency. Have peace of mind in knowing that your family can easily reach emergency services should they ever need to.